Industrial Facility
10960 West River Street, Truckee 96161

This job started in 1992 as a 10,000 square foot industrial shell. Owner/Builders Gregg and Kjell Henrikson put heart and soul into the facility. It was expanded to 25,000 square feet, along with mezzanine, material lift, and multiple stages of tenant improvement. It houses clients such as Cal Trans, Southwast Gas, Shepherds Auto Body, and the Truckee Lumber Company Door Factory. We affectionally named it "The Project", a tag that perfectly describes it even today.
"Phil Schacht and Aegis Electrical Inc. have been involved with the electrical portion of my industrial facility from the start. Early negotiations between Phil and the local utility company reduced fees from around $200,000 up front, to about $45,000, with the utility agreeing to finance the fees. This singular effort was vital in making the project a ?go.? Phil provided the electrical engineering and much of the actual installation.

I have contracted Aegis during various expansions, additions, and tenant improvements. Their service continues to be excellent. Many tenants now contact Aegis for electrical additions, repairs, and modifications. I highly recommend them, and plan to use Aegis for any future work."
Gregg A. Henrikson , Owner

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