Industrial Savy
Ther is much more to an industrial project than bending pipe. A whole new section of code dictates the work. Added complications include hazardous locations, harsh environments, toxic chemicals, motors and motor starters, and a rock solid incorporation of all this into a successful project. And yes, we can definately bend pipe.
project photo Industrial Facility for Gecko Enterprises
This job started in 1992 as a 10,000 square foot industrial shell. Owner/Builders Gregg and Kjell Henrikson put heart and soul into the facility. It was expanded to 25,000 square feet, along with mezzanine, material lift, and multiple stages of ten... more »
project photo Eave Ice Melt for Intrawest
Intrawest initially contacted us to add to their existing eave ice melt system. Upon examination of the existing system, we determined that it was improperly installed. Existing system panels above the 4th floor were repowered from basement distrib... more »
project photo Kevin Riches Building for Kevin Riches
Mr. Riches has two adjacent 10,000 square foot industrial buildings in Truckee. One building required reworking of 120/208 and 480/277 volt loads onto "House" panels. The other building had a single meter for multiple tenants. We reworked the elec... more »