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A mix of skill, knowledge, and the ability to tackle your electrical needs with finesse. Our team is more than impressive; they are problem-solvers ready to handle situations as unique as your project. And when you want to know why Aegis Electrical is the right choice for you, remember: we solve your problems with attention to detail and proactive service. We’re here for you, and we’re just a call away.

Paul Giannini

President, Aegis Electrical, Inc.

I grew up in Lake Tahoe where I was surrounded by nature, participated in numerous outdoor activities, and was engulfed in that “small town feel.” After high school, I ventured down south and ended up attending UC Santa Barbara where I was exposed to a different type of education.

Eventually, I returned home and decided to enter the electrical construction field in 2000. I hit the ground running and had little experience, but learned quickly what, and what not to do, by either blowing up a tool by cutting a live wire, or shocking yourself numerous times a day. Let’s just say, that since then, I have been polishing my skills. I have seen a lot of beautifully designed houses, and what works and does not work.

I really enjoy electrical design and helping people realize what options are out there. I can look at a roof and know certain areas will need heat tape, or see the layout of a room and recommend indirect lighting that will accent well-crafted exposed beams. Since Tahoe can be so cold in the winter, how about adding that under-floor heating in your bathrooms? A nice touch, that others may not know about, or recommend.

Do you want to be able to turn on your heat or lighting before you arrive at your home? We can talk about that too.


All-in-all, I feel I have a lot of electrical construction knowledge and experience and would love to share that with you so that you may realize your dream home.

Aegis Electrical is led by a team of owners with strong academic backgrounds and a wealth of industry experience

Phil Schacht, Kjell Giannini, and Paul Giannini bring engineering and power expertise to the company. The team also includes consultant Gregg Henrikson and a dedicated group of electricians, each skilled in various aspects of electrical work. This team structure ensures a versatile and highly qualified workforce capable of tackling complex and diverse electrical projects.

In conclusion, Aegis Electrical has carved out a niche in the market by providing exceptional electrical services backed by a team of educated, experienced, and versatile professionals. Their focus on customer service, technical excellence, and proactive project management sets them apart in a competitive industry.